Güncel Sanatın Özgür Bir Şekilde Kitlelere Ulaştırılmasında Yeni Bir Model Önerisi:
Dijital Çoğaltmalar” Doktora Tezi (Türkçe)

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Copyleft, ibrahim, 2011
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Digitiples” is a concept emerged as an outcome of the PhD study of ibrahim at Yildiz Technical University, Art and Design Doctorate Program between 2004-2011. An English abstract of the thesis is below but the full text is in Turkish as linked above. There is also an English version derived from the thesis focusing on the concept “digitiples” with extra chapters but it is still a work in progress.

A Proposal For A New Model in Communicating Contemporary Art To The Masses: “Digital Multiples“

An artwork which is suitable for being represented as digital information, can be identically duplicated in unlimited numbers in a simple, quick and costless way and be made freely accessible as copyleft through a free, anonymous, distributed, P2P Internet architecture in free file formats without requiring mandatory economic relations and the intermediation of the culture industry. If this work of art is also suitable for being experienced independent of space and time and without the help of any particular sophisticated apparatus, it can communicate the ideas of the artist to everyone who has basic tools for and knowledge of using the Internet. This study discusses this new model I dare say, “digital multiples” for rendering contemporary artworks freely accessible to the widest audience possible in the age of information technologies. This model was influenced by the “multiples” of Joseph Beuys, which he used as a tool to communicate his artistic and political ideas and to stay in touch with masses. However multiples of Joseph Beuys reached only a limited number of people becoming commodities in culture industry. This was because of the fact that the physical multiples can only be reproduced in limited numbers because of technical and economical limitations. “Digital multiples” model tries to find a solution for this problem by highlighting the technical potentials of digital multiplication and political potentials of the copyleft attitude referring to some notions of art, technology and economy in an interdisciplinary way. Copyleft attitude enables the free access, experience, sharing and also appropriation of the work of art. Appropriation practices in art and legal restrictions on this method have been discussed in relation to the notion of copyleft. The politics of various movements against copyright, particularly Creative Commons were discussed in the context of “free culture” referring to “free software”. It is claimed that the political approach to the information technologies have the potential to open up new perspectives on many topics which are being discussed by artists, like making artworks freely accessible to wide audiences, as it is discussed in this study. Contemporary artists need to be aware of the potentials of information technologies and evaluate these potentials politically in an interdisciplinary way to develop new discourses.
Keywords : Contemporary art, free culture, information technologies, multiples, digital multiples, copyleft, open source, Creative Commons, appropriation.

Copyleft, ibrahim, 2011
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