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httpdot.net respects your privacy and does not track you in any way. no cookies, no web analytics whatsoever...

long ago, httpdot.net used to have another privacy policy/statement, which is archived below for reference.

FORMER PROVACY STATEMENT. this is not valid anymore and no web analytics application is utilized, hence all irrelevant links are removed.

. your anonymous visit to this website is being tracked using free/libre web analytics tool piwik installed on the httpdot.net server_

click here if you prefer your visit not to be tracked and to opt-out_ .check below to learn why your anonymous visit to httpdot.net is being tracked and also to learn more about the general situation on world wide web_

. everyone must have the right to be anonymous on the internet. a free anonymous distributed p2p internet is not only possible but also necessary. .another internet is possible!_ to inspire the possibility of another world_

. internet is now being dominated by capitalistic relations. we are both the customers and the products on the internet. our data body is what we all mean for internet “enterpreneurs”. most of the “services” offered to us on the internet are for private profit. most of the websites ( also probably all ) on the internet track us using various web analytics software to own our data body for commercial reasons. these software report which link you followed or which keywords you searched to reach that website, how long you stayed on which page, how often you visit that page, your browser and its “fingerprint”, and even personally identifiable information like your location and your IP address_

. httpdot.net uses web analytics software just to let the authors who share their free cultural content on the httpdot.net server know that there are some people out their who are interested in their work. through the web analytics reports they will not know who you are but they will know that there is you, who is maybe interested in what they are doing. this is important for those who do not have a commercial motivation for what they are producing. if you are interested in the work of anyone who produces free cultural works, what you can do for them is just to let them know that you are there and also attribute, spread the word about their work, respond, comment, make critic and even make donations even though they are symbolic_

. httpdot.net uses free/libre web analytics software piwik installed on httpdot.net server hosted by dreamhost, using dreamhost one-click installs feature and configured to respect your privacy by httpdot.net admins_
. httpdot.net anonymizes your IP address by masking 3bytes of it while tracking your visit so even the admins do not now your IP address_
. httpdot.net does not keep logs for more than 3 months_
. httpdot.net respects your do not track request set on your browser_
. the web analytics data collected by Piwik is only available to httpdot.net admins and reports about a particular website are only delivered to the authors of the corresponding websites_
. click to see if your anonymous visit to httpdot.net is currently being tracked (opt-in) or not (opt-out) and to change your preference for httpdot.net_
. if you do not prefer your anonymous visit to httpdot.net to be tracked, then click here to opt-out_